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Logos & Commercial art

Raleigh Rays Logo Travel baseball

                adrian-peterson-02_.jpg (166663 bytes)
T-shirt design for Brain Urlacher & Adrian Peterson



pastabowldinnermenufront5 copy.jpg (182652 bytes)   pastabowldinnermenupasta5 copy.jpg (250222 bytes)   pastabowldinnermenusalads5 copy.jpg (259432 bytes)   pastabowllunchmenufront3 copy.jpg (124180 bytes)   pastabowllunchmenuappetizers3 copy.jpg (129874 bytes)   pastabowllunchmenumorepasta3 copy.jpg (124842 bytes)   pastabowllunchmenusandwiches3 copy.jpg (113902 bytes)
Pasta Bowl Menu and Logo

Just finished logo for Glenbrook South High School

Just finished Logo done for the Rugby club West Suburban Barbarians


Logo done for Survey Center Focus.  A Market Research Company in Chicago.
Logo done for Nottoli  food market. A small family own grocery store selling Italian sausage and food.
Logo done for Lincoln Park Rugby Club out of Lincoln Park Chicago
Logo done for the Company Compass Financial Services
Poster and T-shirt design for Motorola for the Chicago Marathon 



focusad.jpg (17593 bytes)   focusad2.jpg (13635 bytes)
Illustrations done for Survey Center Focus.  A Market Research Company in Chicago.



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